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I’ve had nightmares about this


This LOVELY 1966 Fender Jazzmaster with a prototype Roger Rossmeisl Rossmeisl, famous for his work designing instruments for Rickenbacker, (also a mentor to Semie Moseley of Mosrite guitars) moved to Fender in ‘62 and designed some of our favorite instruments, including the line of Fender acoustics from that era and the Coronado.

This very special instrument features a headstock design that shares its outline with that of the Coronado, but also has a carved portion that shows off the body color as well. The raised bit recalls images of the Parker Fly, strangely enough.

This guitar was originally Lake Placid Blue, but was refinished in Burgundy Mist for the Fender employee that acquired it in the 1980s. Also notable is that this one belonged to Freddie Tavares, who was partially responsible for the Stratocaster along with Bill Carson and Leo Fender.

This was recently featured as one of Fretboard Journal's Catch of the Day series, and is for sale on eBay for $19,999.

Dat. Headstock. Dayum.


Get well soon Malcolm.

(Source: kaliemazoo, via jackie-wants-to-be-a-rocker)

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